Mark Parrish Joins Nickelback Onstage At Concert; Embarrasses Himself and Music Lovers Everywhere

We can all agree that the life of the professional athlete is a quality existence. Opportunities are presented to them that ordinary people such as you and I are rarely afforded. They make absurd amounts of money. Women blindly throw themselves at male (and female) pro athletes as if they are the second coming of Leif Brad Garrett (or perhaps the lady who portrayed Mrs. Garrett, in the case of the female athlete I guess). Essentially, anything they want is theirs for the taking.  Shit, food probably tastes better to them.

The most recent perk of living the life of a professional athlete taking on a life of its own is the prevalence of jocks invading the world of rock and roll and appearing onstage with their favorite musicians. Brady Quinn rocking out onstage with Poison (Im eagerly awaiting his impromptu duet with Clay Aiken, but thats probably just me) and Tony Romo caught whooping it up with the guy that played Mr. Belding and Metal Skool  are merely examples of this phenomenon that happen to be documented on video.

Since we are the hippest (?) new NHL blog (and the only one endorsed  (I think) by the King of the Sports Blogs – the striking fellow pictured to the right) on these here internets, I could not allow this one to go unnoticed and unappreciated: Minnesota Wild winger Mark Parrish joined Nickelback onstage at their concert earlier this week at the Target Center.

The Canadian rockers also seemed to be trying out as the Minnesota Wilds house band by bringing out center Mark Parrish to shoot a T-shirt gun into the crowd.

Unfortunately (or fortunately for Parrish, as the case may be), there is not any video documenting this affront to all things decent and good. However, even without the presence of video evidence, I can almost assure you that the t-shirt was shot out of the gun with greater velocity than any Parrish slap shot we have seen since his playing days with the Panthers. But for crying out loud, Mark – it was Nickelback! To put it bluntly, Nickelback could be best described as the ill-conceived unborn love child of Everclear and Def Leppard that somehow managed to crawl out of the dumpster after a back-alley abortion.

Take off, You Hoser Nevertheless, I would have been tempted to grant Parrish a bit of a reprieve if he was from the Great White North, since Nickelback is from there as well, and we have all made the mistake of liking something a little too much due to provincial loyalty. The only problem is Parrish grew up in Bloomington, Minnesota. It would have been less offensive if he would have jumped up onstage during an Information Society reunion concert. To make ammends, Mark, I now expect you to post a 50 point season. So station yourself in front of the goal and redirect some shots into the net – just pretend your stick is a t-shirt gun.

After reading about Parrishs escapades, I got to thinking, whats next? Are we destined to see Chris Pronger joining Hinder onstage and subsequently start playing air guitar with Lord Stanleys Cup? The thought of it alone is troubling, but even more disconcerting is the possibility that it could actually occur.

In the comments, I would appreciate hearing from the readers your thoughts on which NHL player/musician combination we are most likely to see next – good, bad or just plain mortifying.